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    Mar 31 st, 2016
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    Why Canadian companies go with Canadian freelancers?

    Freelancing for skilled workers mean freedom to work on any project from any where. Keeping the lifestyle without compromising on income potential and future business growth.
    Same may very well be true for small businesses. The ability to hire talented freelancers from remote location to work on project without the need to hire in house staff that comes with huge cost in management, logistics, legal and administration overhead. Having access to a pool of unlimited freelancers with a diverse set of skills and experiences is another reason your company might want to go the outsourcing rout.
    Competitive rates offered by most freelancers may be another attraction to individuals and small business to opt for hiring workers who can participate in projects without the need to physically be in the office.

    freelancer working on calculator

    All of the above are valid reasons why freelancing has taken off recently and the growth in freelance market is phenomenal as we go forward. Some major studies show that by year 2020 about 75% of digital work may be done off site by freelancers.

    Having said all this, hiring freelancers also come with it’s own challenges. Ability to communicate efficiently with your team member across the glob is one of the big kicker in the scheme of things during the life of any project.
    Freelancers inability to be reachable during regular office hours your local time can cause major delays and can cost you your project.

    For example; you are collaborating on a project and need to discuss an issue right away with freelancer. Given that your team member is living in East Asia where their day time means your night time in Canada. Now, to get a response back you need to wait a good 12 hours or so.

    Language barrier may be another hurdle that you have to overcome. Not all freelancers may be able to communicate fluently in your local language and to get the message across you may have to work a little harder.

    For reasons above, we are no seeing a shift in hiring pattern where businesses tend to hire more and more freelancers from within the country. As in this case, hiring freelancers on peopleperhour Canada may in the long run be really worth your while and the end results can be much more favorable.