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    My experience working with peopleperhour Canada has been phenomenal. The clients I picked up on this site are very easy to work with. The pay is reasonable and the spirit of team work is always present. Communication over the project has been really smooth. Got my two projects completed last week and I’m looking forward to working with another Canadian small business very soon.


    As a Canadian freelancer I face fare and square competition from fellow Canadian web developers who are offering their services at a fare rate. Unlike many other sites out there where you have to price compete with freelancers who are willing to work for $5/hour and the end result for businesses hiring this type of professional is half baked product that simply doesn’t work.

    Connor from Victoria

    We decided on adding an app to our online ordering website currently used by our customers. After searching for an experienced app developer we spoke to few folks but due to time difference the communication was broken from the get go. So we determined that working with a developer here in Canada will be key as we needed to communicate fast and efficient. Therefore we hired our developer from Calgary and we are glad we did….!!! Wyatt at Beaver Creek

    Beaver Creek Supplies