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    Xcell Research, Inc. is an independent research firm for the short and long term needs to provide quality research services to customers and is engaged in a wide range of research services in different areas.

    We provide efficient, economical, practical and current research services to the clients and work with researchers on behalf of clients to share information regarding their research needs and customer focus. The services we provide are: 

    • Research projects preparation and planning
    • Submitting research projects for funding and approval
    • Research protocol developments
    • Conducting experiments and management
    • Data collection, analysis and interpretation
    • Writing and preparation of research papers and presentations
    • Designing questionnaire and conducting surveys                                                                            Our company is committed to provide quality research services to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of services in meeting the requirements.


    • Hourly Rate: $40.00/h
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    • Experience: 15 years
    • Projects worked: 0
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    • Country: Canada